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The key element for fostering a positive business aesthetic today is...!

Mark your calendar for our upcoming IGTV live session on Monday June 3rd at 18.00 🇬🇧

featuring @monique_borst a leading CEO Catalyst, Strategist and Coach to get the answer to this very important question, and why she thinks "We all walk in shoes too small for us"

Monique will delve into her passion and enthusiasm for coaching, emphasising the significance of personal and emotional growth. She will highlight the importance of asking the correct questions to kickstart progress in our lives and businesses!

We believe positive, uplifting Beauty is essential in all aspects of our daily lives to create the world we desire to live in; where Feminine and Masculine energies as a collective are in harmonious alignment!

Click on the image to follow us on instagram and here to discover more about our next guest, Monique Borst.


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