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Dr Marine Vincent - is our Keynote Speaker at The Attracta Haute-Beauty Ceremony 2024

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Marine Vincent, MPharm & Dr in Pharmacie is our Keynote Guest Speaker at the Haute-Beauty Awards presentation Ceremony on July 4th this year.

Dr. Marine Vincent is a registered British Doctor of Pharmacy. Commencing her career as a pharmacist in Paris, she later transitioned to London, where she applied her French pharmaceutical expertise to the UK healthcare sector. Throughout her journey, she collaborated with major UK companies and independent pharmacies, aiding in their business growth. Dr. Marine Vincent's accomplishments led her to establish her own pharmacy business, Make Me Feel in Clapham in 2016 and The French Pharmacy in Marylebone in 2020. 

Given her extensive professional background, Dr. Marine Vincent is an excellent candidate to speak at our Haute-Beauty Ceremony on July 4th, 2024. Combining British pharmaceutical experience with French heritage, she excels in bridging healthcare systems, providing valuable insights. Her profound knowledge of skincare, health, and patient-pharmacist relationships establishes her as a reputable figure in the industry.

Renowned for her expertise in French Pharmacy secrets, she shares comprehensive knowledge on the exceptional skincare products, formulations, and techniques that have propelled The French Pharmacy to global acclaim. Dr. Vincent's commitment to delivering top-tier, accessible pharmacy services has garnered widespread recognition, solidifying her as a distinguished authority in the UK, offering invaluable perspectives on various health and skincare.


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