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Meet the Founder
who advocates for brands to incorporate Slow Beauty into their businesses for improved sustainable results.

Attracta Courtney is a renowned international editorial Make-Up Artist & Creative Beauty Director, a former healthcare professional, and the Founder of the esteemed Attracta Haute-Beauty Awards. With over twenty years of experience, she has solidified her position as one of the most respected figures in the industry and has worked internationally with the A-List of Supermodels, Rockstars, Hollywood Actors and Royalty.
Attracta's makeup creations have graced countless magazine covers, editorial, campaigns, runways and red carpets. Alongside working as a Make-Up Artist, Attracta hosts workshops and interviews leading professional experts on her IGTV channel. Attracta has a passion for knowledge, truth, history and beauty to be expressed in a way that is unique, inclusive, informative and uplifting; her strength is her ability and absolute gift for making people look and feel better. 
Attracta seamlessly incorporates her passion for fashion, beauty-wellness, and art into her work, known for her distinctive style that is elegant, unexpected, and always beautiful.


From top glossy magazines to prestigious runways, Attracta's work consistently shines in the limelight. Featured in leading publications like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Vanity Fair, her modern and elegant aesthetic is highly sought after by editors and art directors. Leveraging her wealth of practical knowledge, Attracta frequently shares her expertise through sold-out talks, exclusive masterclasses, and magazine articles. Her insights are valued by beauty editors and she has consulted for major brands including Prada Beauty, Bourjois, Bioderma, and L’Oréal.


As a trailblazer in the industry, Attracta authored her first book, 8A, in 2009, now a part of the V&A museum archives. Focused on style, fashion, beauty, and art, the book marked the beginning of Attracta's advocacy for "Slow Beauty," challenging unrealistic beauty standards. She actively addresses ageism and advocates for embracing slow, conscious and limitless beauty, aiming to reshape the beauty narrative.


In her role as a prominent thinker, Attracta launched a revolutionary project in the beauty industry in 2015: The Attracta Haute-Beauty Awards. Leveraging her extensive experience in health and beauty, these awards recognise exceptional professionals, beauty brands, and up-and-coming talents. Now in their tenth year, the awards continue to embody Attracta's commitment to emphasising skin health, age awareness, emotional and physical wellness, and promoting beauty that is crafted with integrity and in harmony with our environment.

Shortly after launching her 1st Awards Ceremony in 2017, Attracta earned a reputation as one of the most trustworthy beauty ‘gurus’ within the Awards arena, translating the professional techniques and trends she’d mastered to confidently judge and award on some of the best products and treatments available. Media outlets were keen to have the exclusive on these intelligent, editorially inspired beauty awards, knowing that all their readers would be engaged. Now each year up to 100 brands enter but only the best are invited to her fashion inspired Haute-Beauty Awards Ceremony on July 4th each year. Attracta’s awards are very unique and trusted by the beauty establishment within the UK and globally as one of the best awards now to win!


What also sets Attracta apart is a commitment to authenticity; to date, she’s never accepted sponsorship to promote her awards, rather they have grown organically by word of mouth, as the secret no wants to share, as they all want to attend the infamous Top 10 Haute-Beauty Award Ceremony and get recognised by Attracta and her A-list judging panel who are some of the best experts in the world of beauty today. Each distinguished judge is selected by Attracta for their distinct talents and exceptional expertise in their respective field.


Attracta offers her services for editorial and advertising campaigns, speaking engagements, podcasts, beauty brand consulting, trend forecasting, and personalised skincare and makeup routine updates. With her wealth of experience and expertise, she provides an insider's perspective to offer valuable insights on beauty and well-being.

Click here to listen to Attracta's story into beauty and why she started her Awards dedicated to Slow Beauty.

"I know I have done a great job as a Make-Up Artist, when the model looks and feels beautiful.'
Attracta Courtney

  • Attracta Courtney Make Up Artist
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