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                                        March 20th

Please note by entering a brand or expert you are committing to participating in the two-stage process for each product or expert:

Stage 1 Fee

Your Product Entry 

After payment has been made to enter, details of the judge's addresses judging that category will be sent directly to the PR or brand. The Attracta Beauty Judges will test all the entries in their selected categories over a period of 3-4 months. If a judge is affiliated with a brand they are not allowed to judge on that product or brand if entered.

Each product is scored comprehensively on their effectiveness, packaging, usability and innovation. Please note the Judge's decisions are final.

*Fees to enter your brand for Stage 1 are detailed below

Stage 2 Fee 

Finalists and Winners - logo usage

Winners Announcement- New Date - August 4th


On July 8th, the Finalists will be announced via Diary D and other media outlets.


After the*stage 2 fee has been paid and processed you will receive the Finalist logo immediately which can be used on social media, press releases and online to promote your brand. Your product entry if a finalist, will be listed on our finalist webpages and announced via our media outlets.

The names of all the winning products and experts are normally revealed at the annual Attracta Beauty Awards Ceremony in July. However this year, as we are in extraordinary times, we have decided to cancel the ceremony with regret. These are unprecedented times and the safety and well-being of our staff, speakers and guests are the most important priorities for us right now. 


All the winners will be announced online on August 4th and will receive our Winner's logo and the Winner's Award Certificate will be posted.

The Winner's logo can be used to promote your product online, TV, social media, product packaging, press releases, editorial, window and counter displays. Brands may use the Attracta Beauty Winner's or Finalist's logo nationally and internationally in perpetuity, for the life of the product provided the formula does not change. All the winning product names and experts will feature on our Winners webpageThe winning brands will be announced via Diary D and other media outlets.

To reflect these changes to online we have reduced the stage 2 fees from £250.00 down to 

*Stage 2 fee: £175.00/per Brand*

If your brand wins more than two awards there will be an additional logo usage fee

of £25.00 to pay/per extra win.

No exceptions.


Entry Form

*(Stage 1) 

Fee to enter 1 product: £90.00

Fee to enter 4 products: £250.00 


Skincare | Makeup | Nails | Hand & Body | Suncare & Tanning | Beauty Gadgets 

Health & Wellbeing | Beauty Experts | Fragrance | Haircare | Male Beauty

Skincare judged under 

Affordable | Luxury | Natural | Cosmeceuticals

All other categories judged under 

Affordable | Luxury

Affordable: Prices under £25.00 - Luxury: Prices over £25.00


*Each entry must include product name, price and category on the entry form*

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