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Attracta's favourite beauty products to use on set!

Not only is Attracta Courtney a highly successful editorial Make-Up Artist @attractabeauty and creative beauty visionary, but she is also the founder ofThe Attracta Beauty Awardswhich she started in 2015!

Attracta has always been on a mission to inspire on the importance of positive, ageless beauty in editorial communication, simplifying knowledge and introducing the concept of SLOW BEAUTY to journalists and beauty brands.

Her minimalist approach to beauty has always been; Less is More and Better for beauty outcomes. Her first ever quoted editorial beauty tip for beautiful skin was: “Get a good night’s sleep

Attracta loves Nature and is highly inspired always by its breathtaking beauty; she's always keen to share her insider wisdom on tried and tested beauty truths. Here she shares 8 of her favourite products to use, some new, and some that she has used everyday in studio for many years to create beautiful makeup for her clients!


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