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Thank you to all the brands who entered into ABA24!
We are delighted to reveal the eagerly awaited shortlist of finalists for the prestigious tenth annual Attracta Beauty Awards.

The Attracta Beauty Awards are designed to honour and acknowledge excellence in the industry. We applaud each finalist for their contributions to the beauty industry and their unwavering commitment to innovation, creativity, and quality. All finalists listed will be further evaluated by the esteemed A-List panel of industry experts to determine the standout performers who excelled and go onto be awarded the highly commended and winners of ABA24. We are unable to notify finalists who do not progress to the next stage.

The judges decisions are final.

The Highly Commended and Winners will be announced on our website and through our media partners on July 4th. The top 10 highest-scoring winners will receive direct notification to attend the exclusive invite-only Haute-Beauty presentation on the same day. A senior representative must attend as stipulated in the entry guidelines. For ease, the finalist products are listed under these key title categories. Congratulations to the selected finalists!



​SACHI States of Skin Saponins Cream Cleanser 

REVISION Skincare® Brightening Facial Wash

Blur London Everyday Cleanser


Cleansing Balms

Yin Your Skin Salva Cleansing Potion

AMLY Deep Reveal Nourishing Cleansing Balm & Mask

Cleansing Oil

SKEYNDOR Expert Cleanse Pro Micellar Balm-to-Oil

Djusie Liquid Silk Perfect Cleansing Oil

Make-Up Remover

MATIS PARIS Authentik-Balm Remover

JANE SCRIVNER FIRST LIFT Clarifying Eye & Face Make Up Remover


Essence & Toners

Blur London Rebalancing Toner

Cellcosmet CellLift Lotion

Yin Your Skin Ihme Botanical Wonder Essence

Djusie Peace Out Revival Essence

Feather & Down Face and Body Mist 

Hydrating & Treatment Masks


Meder Beauty Lumino-Derm Brightening Sheet Mask

Hydrating Serums

Dr Sebagh Rose de Vie Serum

MATIS PARIS Hydra-Fresh Serum

Antioxidant/Vitamin Serums

Balance Active Vitamin C Serum

JANE SCRIVNER C CORRECT Vit C Collagen Boost Correct & Repair Serum

Hyaluronic Serums

Skingredients® Skin Veg Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Serum 

BeautyLab® Hyaluronic Acid Intense Serum

Balance Active Hyaluronic Serum 

Peptide/Ceramide Serums

JANE SCRIVNER BRIGHTENING B Vit B Ceramide Boost, Niacinamide Serum

WELEDA Pomegranate & Maca Peptides Firming Face Serum

Barrier Repair

OPALORE The Brilliance Cream n.4

SKEYNDOR Deep Moisturising Cream FII

KATHERINE DANIELS Total Skin Repair Concentrate

Yin Your Skin Aura Sublime Beauty Concentrate 

Multi-tasking Serum

REVISION Skincare® D·E·J Daily Boosting Serum™

Irene Forte Skincare Phytomelatonin Rejuvenating Serum

Targeted Skincare & SPF

Skingredients® Retinol 1% + B3 Anti-Ageing Night Serum 

Meder Beauty Lumino-Derm Cream

Simon Ourian M.D. SPF50 Face Cream

Eye Care

REVISION Skincare® C+ Brightening Eye Complex™
AD SKIN SYNERGY Perfect Eyes Anti-Ageing Eye Cream 

Day Moisturiser

Simon Ourian M.D. 24H Moisturizer

Blur London Cloudskin Moisturiser

BeautyLab Youth Elixir® Super Antioxidant Daily Hydrator


DOMA Cosmetics Longevyouth Cream

Djusie The Juice Moisturizing Power Fluid

Therapi Propolis+ Ultra Radiance Cream 


Day|Night Facial Oils 

BeautyLab® Multi-Vitamin Oil

Yin Your Skin Sileä Silky Facial Oil 

Therapi Propolis+ Biome Restore Facial Oil 

Nunaïa Beauty - Nourishing Radiance Serum

Irene Forte Skincare Pistachio Face Oil

Night Moisturiser

DOMA Cosmetics Night Elixir 

Simon Ourian M.D. 24H Moisturizer

Hands & Body

The Good Zest Company Organic Moisturising Foot, Hand & Body Butter

Callen Olive Foot Sole and Heel Saviour Balm

Djusie Orange Bliss Antioxidant Hand Cream 

Makeup & Haircare

Convié - The Velvet Gloss

Hair Gain Peptide Puff

Revitalash Cosmetics Volume Enhancing Foam

Hair Gain Scalp Foam


Chantic Home: Coconut & Monoi Soy Candle

Gadgets & Tools

LYMA Laser

ARgENTUM la lune d’argent Exfoliating Silver Facial Brush 

ARgENTUM le feu d’argent Exfoliating Silver Body Brush

Health & Wellbeing

Collagen & Supplements

Feel Pro Collagen Powder

Feel Pro Collagen Gels

Kollo Health Liquid Marine Collagen 

Feel Multivitamin Supplement

LYMA Supplement

Oxford Healthspan Primeadine Spermidine Powder

Treatments & Experts

AXO Method Detox & Balance Face Treatment

Skeyndor MEGAN Facial

AXO Method Detox & Balance Full-Body Treatment

Expert - Anna Tsankova FaceGlow Ltd 

All copyright belongs to The Attracta Beauty Awards. 

No Artwork can be Photographed or Removed from the site.

Seals & Showcards can be ordered directly from us only.

Additional fees apply.


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