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2 stage entry process-ABA24

Winning an Attracta Beauty Award is a benchmark for excellence and the pinnacle of recognition.
The independence and calibre of the judges give the Awards unprecedented credibility. 
Finalists will be listed on our webpages on May 8th and the Winners on July 4th.
Online logo usage is inclusive within the fees.

*Please note that by entering a brand or expert you are committed to participating in the two-stage payment process for The Attracta Beauty Awards 2024

Attracta Beauty Awards


Stage 1 Product Entry Fee

1 product:    £150.00

2 Products: £280.00

3 products: £390.00

4 Products: £480.00


Product Entry

After the Stage 1 fee has been paid, details of where to send product will be sent immediately. 

Products are sent directly to the judges; judges are allocated to test depending on their expertise. We will contact you via the email you provide within your entry form. 

By completing the form, you acknowledge that the ABA team may contact you.The Judges will test all the entries in their selected categories over a period of several weeks.

If a judge is affiliated with a brand they are not permitted to judge on that product or brand if entered.

*If your entry is shortlisted and reaches the Finalist list on May 8th, brands have to complete the stage 2 payment process in order to proceed and receive the finalist logo.

Finalists will be listed on our webpages, and announcements are made via Diary d

Please note the Judge's decisions are final. No correspondence will be entered into.

Stage 2 Fee 

4 Stages of Merit - £290.00/Brand

Will you be a Finalist, Highly Commended, Winner or one of the top 10 Haute-Beauty Winners?

 *Logos are released only after the stage 2 payment fee has been processed on May 8th.

​Unfortunately we are unable to notify entrants who have not reached the Merit stages.

Fee detailed at the bottom of this page.


1. Industry recognition:

Logos are awarded to the Finalists and Highly Commended to promote your recognition and for marketing purposes.

All Winners receive a bespoke online logo and uniquely designed Attracta Beauty Winners Certificate.

2. Media coverage:

An opportunity for some brands to be featured in our online media coverage.

An opportunity for two outstanding winners to be interviewed on our IGTV live to share their success story.

3. Eco-Beauty recognition:

Brands who enter 3 or more products have the opportunity to be considered for the Eco-Beauty Award

as detailed on the entry criteria page.

4. Opportunity to attend the ​Haute-Beauty Presentation Ceremony:

 If your product, treatment or expertise is one of the top 10 highest scoring and stand out winners, from all the winners,

you will be notified directly and invited to attend a special presentation awards ceremony in London. This information is embargoed until July 4th. As a requirement of entry, if you get notified that your brand is in this top 10 list, you must attend or have a representative present for this special presentation should you be required to accept a framed Award Certificate.

Only the top 10 highest scoring winners are awarded the Gold themed Attracta Haute-Beauty Winners logo.

Click here to view The top 10 Winners Presentation Ceremony for ABA23 at Claridges


Finalists Announcement - May 8th

All entrants who reach this stage will be notified and receive our Finalist logo, after the stage 2 fee has been paid. 

Details announced via Diary d. The Finalist logo can be used on websites, social media, marketing releases and online to promote your brands success in getting to this stage. Products will be listed on our Finalist webpage and linked to our social media platforms. ​Unfortunately we are unable to notify finalists who have not been selected for the next and final stage.​

Highly Commended & Winners Online Announcements - July 4th

​Highly Commended brands will be notified and receive our new ABA24 logo which has the same usage rights as Finalists.

Products will be displayed on the Highly Commended webpage.

Winners will be notified and receive our ABA24 Winner's logo and their Winner's Certificate will be posted directly.

Winning entries will be displayed on the ABA24 winners page and the page linked to our social media.

Some winning brands may be featured in online media coverage, at their discretion.

*We do not have any final say on the winning products they may choose to feature*

Winner logos can be used to promote your product online, TV, social media, editorial, window and counter displays. 

Logo Usage

Brands may use our online ABA logo nationally and internationally in perpetuity, for the life of the product, provided the formula does not change. Brands cannot under any circumstances print seals using our logo artwork.

Instant disqualification will apply immediately if this occurs.

*If requested, printed seals can be ordered from our printers via us, costs will apply for this additional service.*



On July 4th, we are excited to host an exclusive presentation ceremony honouring the top 10 highest scoring and standout winners selected by the judges. Emphasising our dedication to Slow Beauty in a world driven by hyper-consumerism, our ceremony aims to showcase the finest beauty experts and effective products, a process that never fails to delight the judges each year. This special event serves to acknowledge and celebrate the remarkable achievements of the 10 outstanding winners who excelled in the judging process. We will evaluate all winning beauty brands based on criteria such as design, innovation, product effectiveness, eco-friendly practices, and the Judge's favorite beauty expert or treatment. Attendees will have the chance to mingle with judges and award partners. Please note that if your brand is among the top 10 winners, attendance at this prestigious event - where a framed award certificate will be presented - is mandatory. No exceptions. The ceremony for the top 10 winners is included in the stage 2 fee, while guests can join for an additional cost. Limited spots are available, so contact us for more details. The two-stage entry fee options are clearly outlined on this page, with no hidden charges or extra fees for online logo usage once payment is made.

Attracta Beauty Awards
Attracta Beauty Awards
Attracta Beauty Awards
Attracta Beauty Awards
Attracta Beauty Awards

2 stage Entry Process

*ABA24 - Stage 1 - Entry & Admin Fee

 1 product:     £150.00

2 products:   £280.00

3 products:   £390.00

4 Products:   £480.00


Skincare | Makeup | Nails | Hand & Body | Suncare & Tanning | Beauty Gadgets 

Health & Wellbeing | Beauty Experts | Fragrance | Haircare | Male Self-Care

Skincare judged under the umbrella-terms

Affordable | Luxury | Natural | Cosmeceutical

*Each entry must include product name, price and category on the entry form*

When sending your products, we request they are sent via signed postage to ensure safe delivery to each judge. Products need to be sent to 4-5 judges depending on the category.

*ABA24 - Stage 2 Fee


The Stage 2 fee only applies if your brand is shortlisted and reaches the finalists list. 

If 1 or more products qualify for the merit stages the fee covers all products entered by a brand.

 Payment for this final stage will apply on May 8th to be processed by May 10th

 (no VAT is charged on our fees)


Finalist - a product that reaches the second stages of a competition.

Highly Commended - a product that is deserving of reward and commendation

Winner - a product that reached the highest scores

Haute-Beauty Winner - One of the top 10 highest scoring winners of the competition

Direct Payment only

After receiving your Entry Form, we will send you an email confirming receipt.

We will request a business address to send you our invoice for your entry.

Payment has to be completed before any addresses or logos are released.

*If Seals or Point of Sale materials are ordered after the competition this will incur a fee*

Email for details of our once off commercial usage fee for printed seals and printing costs.

ABA24 - Entry Form

Thanks for submitting!

Attracta Beauty Awards
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