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Stage 2 - Final Payment Process

If you are reading this, congratulations on getting Shortlisted from all the brands who entered.

 After five months of rigorous testing by our expert judging panel, your product has successfully reached the finalist stage. The standard was very high with lots of brands just reaching the threshold necessary to qualify as a Finalist. 

Once the Stage 2 fee has been paid and processed we will send you the official Finalist logo which can be used on your social media channels, press releases and website to promote immediately. Only the official Finalist ABA21logo can be used

No artwork or logo can be removed or copied from this website. 

Winners Logo & Media Announcement - JULY 8th


To maintain the highest standards for the distinguished ABA Winners logo, only products or professional experts that reach the highest scoring marks supported with the most favourable comments will be announced as the winners on July 8th.

Our mission is to promote the concept of Slow Beauty; we truly believe that "Less is More" when it comes to effective quality and healthy beauty routines. 

All the winning products and beauty experts will be announced on July 8th and will receive the Winner's logo to promote their award online immediately. The winner's Award Certificate will be posted directlyThe winner's logo can be used to promote your product online, on TV, social mediapress releases, editorial, window and counter displays.

For any commercial or advertising logo usage in relation to Packaging, Seals or TV promotion an additional fee will be charged.


Brands may use The Attracta Beauty Winner's or Finalist's logo internationally in perpetuity, for the life of the product provided the formula does not change. All the winning product names and professional experts will feature on our ABA21 winners page.

We are delighted to announce some of the winners will be featured in 

MAiL ONLINE this year on July 8th

The final Stage 2 fee covers all products that reach the Finalists and Winners stage.

If you're a listed Finalist, fill out the form below now, detailing your brand name and products, then press submit. 

Click on the Buy Now Button to pay the final Stage 2 fee via Paypal today.

To reflect changes to our online announcement this year, we have reduced the fee to £180.00/brand.

Upon receipt we will email you the official Finalist ABA21logo and a receipt of payment.

Stage 2 Payment Form

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