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Meet the 12 super talented attracta beauty judges for 2020

Meet The ATTRACTA Beauty Judges - 12 leading professional experts dedicated on discovering the very best beauty products to Award this year. From the latest scientific discoveries to exciting new launches the team will only ever award products that are exceptional and worthy of the ABA Winners logo. Beauty products do not have to be new - sometimes the products that have been around forever can still be the winners in our judging process! They test every beauty product entered into the awards. Products have to be entered online before the closing date on March 26th. Our knowledgeable beauty judges will start the judging process as soon as products start arriving - testing and then marking each one. The judging panel have been carefully chosen according to each individual’s extensive knowledge and hands on expertise to judge across this year's different categories. To ensure the authenticity of the awards, no judge is allowed to test or score a product if they are affiliated or contracted with a brand that enters.


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