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Glass speaks to the judges of the Attracta Beauty Awards 2020

WHERE there’s a red-carpet event, there’s bound to be at least one of these talented artists present behind the scenes, working their hair and makeup magic on pretty much every famous model, celebrity and film star. With their global influence and experience across prominent fashion magazines and ground-breaking catwalk shows, each judge’s of this year’s Attracta Beauty Awards work is steeped in iconography, and their clients span the most recognised faces on the planet.

These beauty professionals are all passionate about beauty and only work with the most effective products in the industry to make their clients and the A-list people they work with look sensational.

The Attracta Beauty Awards judges are all chosen by Attracta Courtney for their extensive knowledge and hands on expertise to judge the different categories.

Click on the image to read the full interview and see their 12 favourite products they loved from all the Attracta Beauty Winners the year!


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