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Makeup Brand Competitions

Makeup Brand Competitions that Takes Your Brand Further

When was the last time you entered makeup brand competitions? The reality is that you have more competition than ever. You have to prove that you have the best makeup, moisturizer, or styling tool. The good news is that Attracta Beauty Awards can be what allows you to take your brand further.

All sorts of beauty competitions exist, but they’re more for the models that are wearing the cosmetics or having the tools used on them than speaking for the products themselves. This is why the Attracta Beauty Awards were created – to ensure that product brands are getting the recognition that they deserve.

These makeup competitions are different based on who is judging them. A panel of 12 internationally recognized makeup artists, hair stylists, doctors, skincare experts, and more will be judging products in a wide arrange of categories.

Whether your product has been on the market for years or has recently been released, you can submit it for judging. This will allow you to get industry experts to see what you have to offer.

It’s easy to see how the Attracta Beauty Awards carry weight within the industry because they go far beyond editorials. Further, there are no awards quite like them.

You owe it to your brand to introduce the products into our beauty competitions. Whether you have moisturizers, hair curling tools, eyeliners, face masks, or something else, you can submit them for judging to show your consumers that you have what it takes to have an award-winning product for them to use and enjoy.

The competition is easy to enter, and you can choose from an array of categories to submit in. Plus, if you are fortunate enough to win an Attracta award, it becomes the ultimate marketing tool.

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