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Cosmetics Brands

Cosmetics Brands Battle it Out in Many Categories

With so many cosmetics brands in the marketplace, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is right for you. This is why the Attracta Beauty Awards was created. There are now make up competitions that will allow brands to battle it out in a wide array of categories.
We take make up competitions to the next level by including categories such as skincare and makeup, hands and body, suncare and tanning, gadgets and tools, and even beauty experts. It ensures that all sorts of categories are encompassed so that nothing is left out. After all, beauty covers so many different areas.
Having the Attracta award can make it easier for you to know which products truly deserve the merit. While so many cosmetic brands are advertised by editorials, you don’t know whether they paid to get that editorial. This is why it’s so hard for consumers to trust in the brands that they are using.
We make it easier by creating make-up competitions. With so many subcategories, it allows companies to enter virtually any product, including cleaners, face masks, exfoliators, eye makeup removers, and more. Even then, they’re broken out into being either affordable, luxury, natural, or cosmeceuticals.
The judges that are part of the competition have a significant amount of global influence. They have worked with some of the most impressive names in Hollywood, have founded makeup companies of their own, and have even become brand influencers because of what they have accomplished.
Ultimately, it comes down to the Attracta Beauty Awards taking a new approach when it comes to determining whether products are capable of being award-winning or not. When you see that something has an Attracta award associated with it, you know that it’s truly a quality product.

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