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Explore New Awards within the Beauty Community

The beauty community is expanding, which means that there’s more competition than ever before. When you have launched a product, you can enter them in for the Attracta Beauty Awards so that you can prove to your target audience who has the best makeup brands.

You don’t want to simply settle for an editorial. Even then, if your product doesn’t have a large enough base, it will make it difficult to get an editorial from a well-known publication. This can leave you failing at proving that you have a quality product for people to use.

Consumers want to know that they can trust your products. They want to know that you offer the very best, regardless of whether it is an affordable brand or a luxury brand. This is why the Attracta Beauty Awards exist. It allows you to choose categories for your products to be judged in.

Who has the best makeup brands? Well, this question will be answered by a panel of 12 judges that are internationally known makeup artists, hair stylists, skincare experts, and more. This ensures that real people who have real experience with the different products are putting their seal of approval on it.

A wide array of categories are covered within the awards, too. This includes everything from moisturizers to styling tools. This way, you can make sure that your product is able to be judged so that you can use the award as part of your marketing strategy.

The beauty community is going to be forever changed as a result of these new awards. Companies are already racing to have their products judged – and you can, too. It will make it easier for you to know that you truly have an impressive product – and provide consumers with the confidence to make the purchases, too.

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