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ABA23 Entry Criteria

The Attracta Beauty Awards are rich in professional expertise and beauty wisdom, always keen to educate and promote the concept of slow beauty, sustainability, inclusivity and ageless beauty. Products are only awarded that are highly effective, science backed, eco-conscious and designed to show respect for the planet and people of all ages.

The Awards are independent and not sponsored by any beauty brands.

This year we will be hosting our unique Haute-Beauty Ceremony for the top 10 outstanding winners.

Entering the Awards as an expert or with your products gives you the opportunity to maximise visibility of your brand, stand out from the competition and get your products  judged by a team of leading professional industry

Experts, Doctors, Make-Up, Nail and Hair Artists. 

If your product becomes a winner, it's truly the best and got the highest score from the judges.

We are delighted to announce The GLASS Magazine is our online media partner this year. 


Global Editor in Chief - Caroline Simpson

“The GLASS magazine is delighted to support The Attracta Beauty Awards which we consider to be the best of its kind as they are independent and all the judges are leaders in their fields” 


Beauty Products

Calendar dates

Entries open

Entry Closure Date

Winners Announcement

How to Enter


Only send full sized products to test.

The categories are divided up between the judges as per their expertise.


A brand may enter products into any of the detailed categories listed below.


Closure date for Brands and Experts to enter is April 4th 

Products have to arrive with the judges April 24th latest


Finalists Announcement - June 8th

Winners Announcement - July 4th

Top 10 Winners Ceremony - July 4th


Payment fee & process on Entry Form page

Enter 1, 2, 3 or 4 products

Enter a Treatment or Spa Salon

Enter as an Expert 


All products entered must comply with cosmetic laws and be compliant with relevant UK legislation and UK and EU cosmetic regulations.


Clearly label each entry; include product name, price and category to be judged under, on the entry form


Click on the Entry Form button to start your entry and view the entry payment process in full 

*The ABA Entry Criteria is now a 1 stage Payment Process*

Spa Setting

The Category Listings


judged under the umbrella-term

Affordable | Luxury | Natural | Cosmeceuticals

Best Foam/Gel/Cream Cleanser
Best Cleansing Balm

Best Cleansing Oil

Best Cleansing Soap Bar
Best Micellar Water

Best Eye Makeup Remover

Best Facial Toner

Best Facial Essence
Best Facial Exfoliator
Best Hydrating Face Mask

Best Treatment Face Mask

Best Biodegradable Sheet Mask

Best Skin Primer


Best Antioxidant/Vitamin Serum

Best Hydrating Serum

Best CBD Serum

Best Blemish Product

Best Pigmentation Product

*Best Retinol Serum*

   Best Moisturiser

Best Facial Oil
Best Night Moisturiser

Best Night Facial Oil
Best Eye Cream

Best Eye Mask

Best Neck & Décolletage Cream

Best Hydrating Lip-balm

*There will be limits on entry into this category*

Makeup Brushes


Best Foundation for Skin Radiance

Best Concealer for lasting Cover-Ups
Best Face Powder for Concealing Shine
Best Facial Mist for an Expensive Glow

Best Luminizer for Skin Radiance
Best Bronzer for Tanning & Contouring
Best Blusher for a Vibrant Glow
Best Eyebrow Product for Beautiful Eyebrows

Best Eye-pencil | Liner for Dramatic Eyes
Best Eyeshadow Palette for Mesmerising Eyes

Best Mascara for Long & Luscious Eyelashes

Best Lipstick Colour
Best Lip-gloss for a Luxurious Sheen

Shiny Nail Polish


Best Nail Polish

Best Nail Oil

Best Nail Varnish Remover

Best Hand & Nail Cream

Hands & Body

Best Body Wash

Best Body Exfoliator
Best Body Oil
Best Body Moisturiser

Best Hand Wash 

Best Hand Sanitiser

Sun Care & Tanning

Best SPF - Face | Body

Best SPF - Lips

Best Self Tan - Face | Body


Best Fragrance

Best Home Fragrance 

Best Candle

types of perfume

Best Makeup Brushes
Best Makeup Brush Cleanser

Best Eyebrow Tweezers


Best Gadget for Nails, Hair, Skin or Makeup

Best Innovative Technology or Beauty App

Best Hair, Beauty or Wellness Accessory

Gadgets & Tools

Health & Wellbeing

Best Vitality Supplement


Best Facial Treatment

Best Advanced Facial Treatment


Best Body Massage Treatment

Best Advanced Body Treatment


*Treatments have to be assessed in London* 

2 judges will attend

No Injectable treatments are accepted

Email for details to confirm availability for this category

Beauty Experts

Best Facial Expert

Best Advanced Skincare Expert

Best Body Massage Expert


Best Eyebrow/Eyelash Expert

Best Hair Salon Expert

Best Nail Salon Expert


*Experts have to be based in London* 

2 judges will attend

No Injectable treatments are accepted

Email for details to confirm availability for this category

Mud Treatment

Hair Care

Best Shampoo for Dry or Damaged Hair

Best Shampoo for Colour Treated Hair

Best Shampoo for Textured & Curly Hair


Best Conditioner for Dry or Damaged Hair

Best Conditioner for Colour Treated Hair

Best Conditioner for Textured & Curly Hair


Best Leave-In Treatment for all Hair Concerns

Best Hair Smoothing Product

Best Hair Volumizer Product


Best Styling Product for all Hair Styles

Best Heat Protect Product

Best Electrical Tool for Hair Styling


Best Cover Up for Root Touch Ups

Best Hairspray for all Hair Styles

Best Dry Shampoo

Black & Gold hairdresser tools

Male Self-Care

Best Facial Cleanser

Best Facial Exfoliator

Best Hydrating Face Mask

Best Treatment Face Mask 

Best Eye Cream/Mask

Best Facial Serum

Best Moisturiser

Best Sun Protection


Best Bath or Shower Product
Best Body Oil for Instant Hydration
Best Body Moisturiser

Best Hand & Nail Cream

Perfume Bottle

Category Details

We use umbrella-terms for some categories, only for ease of assigning products. 

All cosmetic products on the Uk and EU market are regulated and must comply to the cosmetic product regulations.

International brands who enter must comply with the relevant cosmetic product regulations for that country.

Products must be available to purchase in the Uk or online.

Natural or Cosmeceutical are not regulated terms under the UK or EU Cosmetic Product Regulation.

Brands who enter from outside this market must ensure their product aligns with approved cosmetics regulation.

It is essential that the brand details the umbrella-term they categorise their product to be, on the entry form.

Skincare backed by science is essential. The judges will be looking to only award the best and most effective products.


Descriptive Umbrella-Terms

Affordable: under £25.00

Luxury: over £25.00 

Natural brands

Cosmeceutical brands

*Products tested on animals will NOT be accepted*


The Attacta Beauty Awards reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to reject any entry that it deems inappropriate and nullify any stage of recognition if Human Rights violations have occurred at any stage of a product's production or packaging.

We only accept multi-level marketing brands if they are registered with The Direct Selling Association UK.

*We do not accept collagen drinks*

*Best Socially Responsible Brand Award* 

The Attracta Eco-Beauty Award logo is specifically for brands who are creating beautiful, effective products and who are driven by a genuine desire, love and respect for our planet and it's people, of all ages. This Award recognises brands who have shown inclusivity and consistent leadership in the pursuit of working tirelessly towards pushing the boundaries of sustainability in the beauty care industry; a brand that displays an outstanding commitment in the field of ethical and ecological resource extraction. They source with respect their ingredients that come from biodiversity and promote conservation. They are always endeavouring to reduce their plastic and carbon footprint and seeking ways to recycle efficiently that protects our planet. 

Brands have to enter 4 products to be considered for this award.

Attracta Beauty Awards

send products to

The Attracta Beauty Judges. 

Details of where to send entries will be sent directly to the beauty PR or Brand on receipt of payment.

Products will be judged and scored comprehensively on; effectiveness, eco-friendliness, packaging, usability and innovation.

As professional experts working with clients daily they are qualified and experienced to judge for all skin, nail and hair types.

Please note the Judge's decisions are final. No correspondence will be entered into.

 If you withdraw your entry, we are able to provide a full refund up to 28 days from your initial entry payment. 

If you withdraw your entry after the final entry date of April 4th, 2023, we are unfortunately unable to refund your entry fee.

Once a product is entered, the judging process starts immediately allowing the professional experts to test the entires over a period of several weeks to ensure the best and most effective products are awarded.

Entered products must be sent to 4-5 judges maximum, depending on the category.

*Two judges will be allocated to attend for any treatment and expert assessment to ensure a balanced and fair judging process* 

The Winners are those that score the highest marks and feedback according to our criteria.

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